In order to attain LHCCO’s Vision, Mission and Goal, the following main project Components are set:

  1. 1.   Child Sponsorship:
    1. A.   Formal education
    2. B.    Non-formal education
    3.  Home-care and nutrition program


 Establishing of children’s formal and non-formal education programs:

A. Improvement access for poor kids to attend the local government schools so that they can receive better education.

B. Provide the schooling, sport materials, school uniforms, mean of transportation (bicycles) to the poorest, vulnerable and disable kids from the poorest families so that those can attend the schooling program.

C. Improve the teachers’ monthly wage so that they can provide better education to the kids in community schools.

 d. Improvement of the Child’s social awareness, campaign on child right, Domestic Violence against the children and child Protection.

e. Monthly Kid Nutrition program at family level to support the poor and frail 



August 19, 2013


Computer class

August 19, 2013


Sewing school

August 19, 2013

January 29, 2013

It all started when I began looking for a volunteer opportunity in Cambodia and heard about a small school started by Monk Yorn Chea. To my surprise, he was on Facebook and I was able to easily contact him. Thus began a friendship that spanned continents for I am from the west coast of Canada, such a long way from his fledgling school in Siem Reap.

I booked my flight and began to fund raise for the school. Asking for donations isn’t something I feel comfortable doing but was necessary in order to help the children. The school needs everything from textbooks to monies to pay electricity and Internet. Through the generous donations of family and friends I raised $1100 and was also able to bring four used laptop computers with me. After my arrival in Cambodia, Chea and I discussed how to use the money to best aid the students and the school. We shopped together and went bill paying.

It was also my pleasure to assist in the classroom. My emphasis was on pronunciation since there are many sounds in the English language that are not in Khmer. The children are enthusiastic, happy and very keen to learn. They are great students who realize the importance of education, and they dream of a better life.

It has been a joy to spend time with these children, and I wish them every success in the future, but for their success, the school needs donations. Please consider helping these children to achieve their dreams.

Pat Martin

Powell River, BC, Canada